About Me

I am David (Dave) Hambley, I live in Lancashire - although I was born and raised in Timsbury, Somerset.   After several failed attempts to play harmonica over my life, I finally went to a harmonica teacher a few years ago and this was the inspiration to get me going.   I initially learnt 10-hole diatonic harmonica but failed to come to terms with the missing holes and gave it up (along with my excellent teacher) for the chromatic harmonica. I have made some progress but I still regard myself at aged 63 as being very much a learner.

Although I would love to be able to play by "ear", I cannot.  In the Timsbury Secondary School Orchestra in the 50s I was tested by the music teacher, Wynn Davies, and consigned to learn the recorder along with the others with no "ear" for music.   This was also a benefit insofar as I learned to read sheet music, an ability I retain to this day.   I can pick up tunes from the sheet music.   This is useful in learning new tunes and as I explain in the "Music" page, I acquire sheet music by processing "midi" files in the Myriad software "Harmony Assistant".

I am English but I have been interested in Scottish Music for a long time.  I used to watch the White Heather Club in the 60s, exiled to my nearby Gran's house by my family who would not have it on the television.

My interest in Scottish mouthorgan was triggered by the purchase of the brilliant CD, Westwinds by the Scottish mouthorgan maestro Donald Black (click "Musicians" link), the foremost exponent of Scottish harmonica.

This prompted me to learn Tremolo mouth organ and as I had not come to terms with Richter tuning I bought a Suzuki Humming Tremolo in the key of C which is solo-tuned similarly to the chromatic harmonica.   I can play this a bit, but the restriction of only being able to play in key C I find problematic.

My interest in Harmonica led me to join the National Harmonica League (NHL) and via helping out on the magazine I have now become NHL Secretary.

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