Irish Musicians

Eddie Clarke

"Eddie ClarkeEddie Clarke Unheard" is the result of a four-year journey to uncover rare and unheard recordings of the music and song of Eddie Clarke.  Remastered from old home recordings, this collection spans a lifetime of musical passion sadly cut short by illness and his untimely death in 2004.  To buy, click on the "Eddie Clarke Unheard" link at the beginning of the paragraph or buy from Comhaltas or from Claddagh Records.

A Dublin resident originally from Virginia, County Cavan, Eddie Clarke pioneered the system of playing a C Hohner Chromonica from the higher-pitched reed C sharp reed plate, which allowed him to use the instrument's slide to play snappy triplet ornaments.  On his recordings, Eddie generally played in second position and held the slide in with his thumb, releasing it briefly for the triplets.  So he's most often playing in G# or related modal scales on a C harmonica.  In his duets with Clare fiddler Joe Ryan, he matched Ryan's style so closely that it's hard to separate the sound of the two instruments.

Brendan Power

Brendan PowerOne of Brendan Power's album is New Irish Harmonica and he is seen pictured, left. He is an English based, New Zealand player of Celtic and traditional music player who is taking the world by storm with his playing. He has recently performed for The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH) 2008.

Tony (Sully) Sullivan

Tony (Sully) SullivanSully from Macclesfield, Northwest England, plays Banjo and Tremolo/Octave mouthorgan.

Steve Shaw

Steve ShawSteve Shaw - pictured on the left, is an excellent Cornwall based Lancastrian player of Irish on the diatonic.   Steve's CD is "Blowing Through The Reeds".   Please note, Steve's very imformative website is currently not working. However, he intends to get it up and running again as soon as he can.  Meanwhile, you can view some of the site from an internet archive site, just copy the following URL, , click this link and paste the copied URL into the "Search" box.  Then click on the latest available version, Jun 17, 2008.

Hynes and Battle

Dave Hynes and Noel BattleDave Hynes, pictured on the left of the photo (left) with "All Irish" harmoniica champion Noel Battle, is the Irish diatonic player who plays and produces Irish harmonica CDs as well as selling harmonicas.

Visit the "Irish Harmonica" page of the RamblingHouse Irish music site. It is an informative page about the Irish harmonica with links to other sites.

Mat Walklate - Manchester based, Mat plays Celtic on all types of harmonica as well as flute.  He runs Harmonica "Shindigs" twice a year in Manchester.  He plays for the House Devils who play Irish and American traditional music and whose new album, Adieu To Old Ireland is finally finished!   It's on The ARC Music label and is distributed in the UK by Proper.

The Trip to Cullenstown by Phil, John and Pip Murphy; this CD was made just three weeks before Phil's death.   Phil Murphy of south County Wexford had invented a unique style of playing traditional Irish dance music on the harmonica, which he passed on to his sons and this recording demonstrates just how skilful and how beautiful this style is.

Black Mountain Harmonica by Tony Eyers is a player of Bluegrass and Irish fiddle music on the harmonica whose CD is Black Mountain Harmonica.   His web site contains clips and tutorials.

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